HinduHillbilly and Rivulet Apiaries- raw honey, beeswax products, honey lemonade - Alberton, MT

Rocking Rose- honey, fresh produce, baked goods - Florence, MT

Wustner Brother's Honey- raw honey, bees wax products - Missoula, MT


Babak's Bakery- pastries, quick breads - Missoula, MT

Baker’s Dozen - breads, cookies, muffins, cinnamon rolls, donuts - Missoula, MT

Black Cat Bakery - artisan bread, variety of sweet and savory pasteries - Missoula, MT

Jo Boyles - sweet and savory English scones - Missoula, MT

Kiln Bread- wood-fired sourdough bread- Missoula, MT

Morning Birds Bakery -- - muffins, pies, pastries, some gluten free products - Missoula, MT

Old World Bakery - croissants and other French inspired pastries, gluten free and vegan baking - Missoula, MT

Poppy- cakes, croissants, tarts, hand pies- Missoula

Rocking Rose- loaf bread, pastries, hand pies- Florence, MT

Sister's Sweet Shoppe- pastries, quick breads, rolls, donuts- Missoula, Mt

Tandem Bakery- assortment of gluten-free and vegan baked goods- Misoula, MT








Badlander Catering - Montana made cocktail tasters made from Montana Spirits.  Taster limit: 2 per person - Missoula, MT

Big Sky Herbs- assortment of herbal teas made with local herbs - West Missoula, MT

Black Coffee Roasting Company - hot and iced coffee, as well as whole bean coffee for sale - roasted in Missoula, MT

Green Source Missoula- green smoothies, acai bowls - Missoula, MT

Isla’s Lemonade- fresh-squeezed lemonade and cold drinks - Missoula, MT

Loose Caboose- espresso drinks, drip coffee, hot and iced teas, Italian sodas - Missoula, MT

Hindu Hillbilly - honey infused lemonade. Also, raw honey and beeswax creations - Alberton, MT

Hygge Coffee- iced coffee on tap, hot coffee, whole coffee beans - Missoula, MT

Nourishing Cultures - kombucha tea, as well as other fermented products - Missoula, MT

Western Cider Company - hard apple cider made from their Bitterroot Valley orchard - Missoula, MT

Yerba Montana- hot and cold yerba mate - Missoula, MT




A'Lisa's Eggs, Herbs and Cut Flowers - all natural chicken eggs, quail eggs, culinary herbs and cut flowers - Missoula, MT

Clark Fork Organics - farm fresh chicken eggs - Missoula, MT

Jerome Brenner Eggs-  free range chicken eggs - Missoula, MT

Lemeza Eggs and Produce- chicken eggs, duck eggs, fresh produce - Missoula, MT

Lifeline Farm- chicken eggs, pork, beef, cheese, butter, cream - Victor, MT

Maria's Homegrown Goods- chicken eggs, pickles, jam, fresh produce - Missoula, MT

Rockin' Rose Ranch - eggs, baked goods, honey - Florence, MT


Breakfast and Lunch Items

Bitterroot Bison - bison burgers hot of the grill - Lolo, MT

Black Bear Soups and Produce- hot and cold soups made from locally sourced ingredients, as well as fresh produce - Missoula, MT

Black Cat Bake Shop- biscuits and gravy, savory baked goods, pastries - Missoula, MT

Captain Hook's Ice Cream Truck - an assortment of cold treats - Missoula, MT

Catered Away - breakfast burritos - Missoula, MT

Clove Cart Pizza - onsight, oven-baked pizza- Missoula, MT

eMpanadas – several varieties of Argentina-style empanadas utilizing local ingredients; vegetarian options available - Missoula, MT

Flare Pops-farm to market popsicles - Polson, MT

Green Source Missoula- acai bowls, green smoothies - Missoula, MT

Just BBQ - Carolina style BBQ- Missoula, MT

Missoula Waffles - gourmet waffle sandwiches - Missoula, MT

Ninja Mike's Breakfast Sandwiches - egg sandwiches made to order with local ingredients - Missoula, MT

Sa Wad Dee - authentic Thai food - Missoula, MT

Valhalla Pork and Poutine- sausage on a bun, poutine - Hot Springs, MT

Wok-ee-Mountain Grill- teriyaki chicken, rice dishes, egg rolls - Missoula, MT


Soaps and Lotions

Day Spa Body Basics- natural and organic bar soap, lotion, sunscreen, face creams and more - Missoula, MT

Gardner's Tiny Farm- face cream, lotion, lip balm, as well as goat and lamb cuts, and animal fiber products - Huson, MT

Hindu Hillbilly and Rivulet Apiary- beeswax lip balm, soap, lotion, as well as raw honey, lemonade, beeswax products - Alberton, MT

Maya Rising- soap, lotion, face cream, salves, hydrosols, as well as low sugar jams and pet treats - Hot Springs, MT

Slickery Blends- variety of bar soap and bath bombs - Missoula, MT



Bitterrroot Bison - frozen bison, bison products, as well as cooked bison burgers - Lolo,MT

Farm-to-Market Pork – all cuts of pork, beef, value added products - Kalispell, MT

Gardner's Tiny Farm - goat and lamb cuts, as well as animal fiber products, soaps and lotions - Arlee, MT

Lifeline Dairy – cheese, butter, cream, organic pork and beef - Victor, MT

Living River Farms- frozen poultry - Stevensville, MT

Mannix Brother's Ranch - grass finished beef cuts - Helmville, MT

Taste of Alaska - fish and seafood direct from Alaska - Missoula, MT

Tucker Family Farm - artisan sheep's milk cheese - Victor, MT


Animal Fiber Products

Gardner's Tiny Farm- yarn, animal fiber products, as well as goat and lamb cuts, soaps and lotions - Arlee, MT

Sophie's Farm - cut and spun wool, wool products, as well as apples, fresh produce - Arlee, MT

Sugar Loaf Wool – several types of wool pillows, roving, yarn, toys, quilts, batting - Hall, MT


Vendor Booths for Kids

Inflated Panache- get your favorite ballon animal or superhero made right in front of your eyes - Missoula, MT

Artistic Face Painting by Katsu - face painting, from bugs to feathers and dolphins to eagles -  Missoula, MT


Sauces/Spreads/Jams/Pickled Products

Carla's Jams and Jellys- jams, jellies - Clinton, MT

Mama's Pantry- jams, preserves, jellies, syrups and conserves - Clinton, MT

Maria's Homegrown Goods- pickles, jam, fresh produce - Missoula, MT

Maya Rising- low sugar jams, chutneys, as well as soaps and lotions, and pet treats - Hot Springs, MT

MT Madre- Mexican salsa - Missoula, MT

Moxie Nosh- cashew butter, almond butter - Missoula, MT

Old World Oils- camelina oil and camelina products- Mission Valley, MT

Silk Road- locally made spice blends, with global flavors-  Missoula, MT




Vegetables/Produce/Herbs/Nursery Plants

A'Lisa's Eggs, Herbs and Cut Flowers - chicken eggs, culinary herbs and cut flowers and arrangements - Missoula, MT

Big Sky Herbs- fresh and dried herbs in blends, arrangements and teas - West Missoula, MT

Bitterroot Organics – fresh produce, bedding plants, herbs, specializing in tomatoes - Victor, MT

Black Bear Soups and Produce- fresh produce, hot and cold soups - Missoula, MT

Blackfoot Native Plants - perenial native plants, wild flowers and trees - Potomac, MT

Blong Vang - fresh produce and huckleberries - Missoula, MT

Blue Willow Farm – dried and fresh flowers, flower bouquets - Stevensville, MT

Bou Ma Moua - fresh produce - Missoula, MT

Chao Lo Produce – fresh vegetables, bedding plants, flowers, strawberries, huckleberries, morel mushrooms - from Missoula

Charlie Hopkins - fresh and dried wild gathered mushrooms, including morel mushrooms - Missoula, MT

Chia Yang- fresh produce, morel mushrooms, huckleberries - Missoula, MT

Clark Fork Organics - fresh produce, plant starts, eggs - Missoula, MT

County Rail Farm - fresh produce and plant starts - Huson, MT

Cowboy Cherries - sweet cherries - Big Fork, MT

Deluge Farm - fresh produce, dry beans, vegetable starts - Camas Praire, MT

Dixon Melons - variety of melons - Dixon, MT

Fialky Farms - farm fresh produce, potted herbs flowers,  plant starts - Dixon, MT

Forbidden Fruit Orchard – unsprayed peaches and cherries...also low sugar jams made from orchard fruits - Paradise, MT

Gardens of Summer Nursery - perenial and annual plants, flowers, and herb plants from Dixon, MT

Glacier Tilth Farm- fresh produce, cut flowers - Dixon, MT

Harlequin Produce - fresh produce - Arlee, MT

Hart Flowers – potted lilies, cut lilies and tulips, bulbs and lots of expert advice about lilies – Target Range area of Missoula

Haua Vang - fresh produce - Missoula

Highland Natural Produce-  fresh produce, bedding plants, berries - Frenchtown, MT

Home Acres Orchard - apricots, apples, pears and homemade jams - Stevensville, MT

John's Backyard Garden - fresh produce, specializing in salad greens - Missoula, MT

Johnson’s Homegrown – fresh produce, bedding plants, berries, flowers - Frenchtown, MT

Kou Moua - fresh produce and vegetable starts - Missoula, MT

Lemeza Eggs and Produce- eggs, fresh produce, specializing in cucumbers - Missoula, MT

Mai Ly Vang Produce – fresh flowers, vegetables, berries - Missoula, MT

Maria's Homegrown Goods- fresh produce, pickles, eggs, jam - Missoula, MT

Missoula Grain and Vegetable Company- fresh produce - Stevensville, MT

Pao Moua and Ma Thao - fresh produce, dried flowers, strawberries, plant starts - Missoula, MT

Paradise Gardens – herbs, flowers, vegetables, bedding plants, lavender plants and flowers - Paradise, MT

Piney Mountain Herbals- medicinal plant starts, vegetable starts, tinctures, tonics, salves - Stevensville, MT

Pink Grizzly Nursery – bedding plants, hanging flower baskets  - Missoula, MT

Rocking Rose- fresh produce, baked goods, honey - Stevensville, MT

Say Khang Produce- fresh produce, huckleberries, strawberries - Missoula, MT

Sophie's Farm - flowers, wool, indigo plants, apples -- from Arlee

Tayer's Garden - dahlias, produce, bedding plants -- from Missoula

Toil in the Soil Farm – native plant starts, vegetable starts, tree fruit, vegetables, chilies - Corvallis, MT

Tria Moua – flowers, flower bouquets, fresh produce, specializing in garlic - Missoula, MT

Webster Orchards - sweet cherries - Flathead Valley, MT

Yong Moua Produce – flowers, fresh produce, tree fruit, plant starts - Missoula, MT

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